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We are a bunch of wildlife enthusiasts & travel experts who created this website with a sole mission of providing genuine information on tiger related national parks in India.

Our mission is to provide reliable information and offer you the best wildlife experience possible.

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If you are looking for a resort or accommodation we will ensure that you get the best experience at the lowest price. Most of the resorts have a special agent rate and that is usually 30-40% lower than what is advertised on the resort’s website. We get that rate for you.

Please note that during the peak season and holidays it wont be possible to get you steep discounts but it will still be lower than the advertised rates.


Most of the national parks are situated away from cities. Ideally you will have to travel atleast 50 KMS away from the city of landing. There are many taxi services that will provide you with a car and its upto you to either pay per trip or on a retainer. Per trip cost is usually 12-15 Rs per Kilometer more or less depending on which car you choose. Unfortunately there are many taxi operators who will try to fleece you and will try to sell you at a higher price.

If you wish we can also arrange for a economical transport for you at lowest rates possible.