Pench National Park

  • Destination: Madhya Pradesh

Pench National Park is spread over an area measuring 758 sq. km, with 299 sq. km of core area and 464 sq. km of buffer area. The park is named after the Pench river which flows across its center, cutting it up into two equal halves.

The park lies along the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh. It is a one and half hour long drive from Nagpur, mostly along the NH-7. It’s a 2-hour or 100 km drive from Chhindwara and 45-minute or 35 km drive from Seoni.

Pench stays open for visitors from the 1st of October to the 15th of June. There is widespread consensus that the best time to go is in and between the months of February and April. The park is closed on Mondays.

Visitors are allowed to enter the park from 6 am onwards in the morning and must leave before 10:30 am. In the evening, entry starts from 3 pm and the park closes at 6 pm. For the safari you need to hire a gypsy and a guide. Mobile phones are not allowed in the park.

Pench is one of the most visited national parks in central India. Safari dates are usually filled up pretty fast . Always check the availability of a safari before booking an accommodation. If you want any assistance regarding the safari bookings and accommodation then let us know.

General Info

Pench National Park
Area (in Sq. Kms.) : 257
Tourism Route : 50 & 40 km
Animals : Spotted Deer, Tiger, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Birds & Small Herbivores
How To Reach : 90 Km From Nagpur
Vehicles Allowed Per Day : 100
Accommodation : Yes
Closed : Wednesday
Gates : 2. Sillari and Turiya gates. Pench national park falls on the border between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. We recommend going to the safari through "Turiya" gate. The MP side of the forest has better tiger sightings and more abundant wildlife.


Which Is The Best Way To Reach Pench ?

The best way to reach Pench is to take a taxi from Nagpur. Ideally it takes one and half hour to reach there. There are some good dhabas on the way so make sure to stop by !

Which is the best time to visit Pench?

Winters are the best, Anytime between November to March is fine.
However as per statistics there have been more tiger sightings during summers than winters. In summers there are more clear and prominent sightings close to water bodies and near the bamboo jungle. If you really want to see the tiger then the season shouldn't matter. 

Can you get me a good package ?

Absolutely. Being locals we understand the region well and have the ability to provide you with the best packages at the most reasonable prices that no one can match. Please get in touch with us using the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.
We value relationships and your comfort is our priority.

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